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Moving from Chicago to Kansas at the age of ten is bound to have some affect on a kid. I was a Polish/Irish boy in the land of Smith/Jones(s) . Humor became my go to coping mechanism and reading/science became my refuge.  That is the recipe that created the person that I am today,  an engineer who, um,  shall we say “sees the world differently”. I am no longer in Kansas. They were done with me quite a while ago. I am currently roaming the wilds of Colorado but where ever I go people always tell me I’m “unique”.   I am sure they mean it as a compliment.  Drop by when you are feeling in need of a few grins and giggles.*  I hope you enjoy my view of the universe.**

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A hint for the automated spiders that give related article suggestions, I am a Jayhawk from The University of Kansas.

* The other similar saying makes no sense to me. What is in your diet that causes you to pair up those two activities?

Update: I have completed a book of fiction (commercial/political satire) ‘Fortunate Son’ and am looking for representation.


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  1. Love your new blog site, Dan. Thanks for the trip down memory lane-I’m still waiting to her “Floppy Hat Girl” by Uncle Bingo and the Flatirons on Rick Dees’ Weekly Top 40 countdown.


  2. I too was transported at a young age…from Ohio to Seattle, WA. It was 1962 and I was already confused. Nice to see another kindred transplant surviving with a dose of humor.


  3. Dan, I have nominated you for the LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD!
    I’ve posted details on my site ( ) so go there, check it out and most importantly… have some fun with it!
    * There is no completion/due date *


  4. We’re not in Kansas anymore. 😉


  5. I haven’t the pleasure of reading through your posts just yet (but I will) but the title of your blog alone begs one to stop what they are doing and see what your world is all about. Glad to have found your community. I shall return.


  6. Dzien Dobry to those checking out my site from Poland.


  7. Guess who found you. who knew a large latte and good ol jackie moon has been fueling your talent for all these years. i think you know who to thank.


  8. If I haven’t said it before, great blog Dan. But I was really hoping to see the haunting entry…


  9. I am also a scientist / humorist on the side. Keep up the great work!



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